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Tibetan singing meditation bowl

  • Tibetan singing meditation bowl
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Date : May 12, 2021
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Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation promotes happiness, clarity, and calmness. When you set aside time for

yourself, you create positive change in your life. Instead of honoring other people and

living according to their choices, you live according to yourself.

Mindfulness meditation isn’t about emptying your mind completely. It’s about simply

noticing the thoughts that you’re having without making a judgement on them.

Your mind will wander regularly. But your task is to simply bring your attention back to

the present without making any judgement, without getting frustrated or angry with


Steps to practice mindfulness meditation:

1. Choose a comfortable spot and sit down on a chair or cross legged.

2. Notice your breathing by focusing on the inflow and outflow of the air from your

nose or on the rising and falling of your chest.

3. When your mind wanders, simply take note of the thought and bring your

attention back to your breathing or the sound of the singing bowl.

Remember to not make any judgement on your thoughts or to not get frustrated if your

mind wanders. Give yourself time and be kind to yourself.

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Meditation for a Better Life

As a practice that calms and relaxes the mind, meditation enables you to go into deeper

states of consciousness and bring permanent change.

Below, we’ve listed and explained the most important benefits offered by meditation.

Helps in Managing Stress

Stress releases cortisol, a hormone that can cause serious inflammation and negatively

impact the immune system and heart health.

But most often, instead of dealing with stress, we ponder upon it and catastrophize it,

creating more stress and anxiety. We keep suffering in our minds, not realizing that

most probably the thing that we’re stressing about, doesn’t even matter in the long run.

Stress causes:

● Increased incidences of anxiety

● Depression

● Insomnia

● Lack of concentration

● Forgetfulness

Meditation enables you to focus on the present and not on your worries. It forces you to

take note of the present moment, your breathing, the sound of the singing bowl, the

temperature around you.

By simply removing your focus from worries, it reduces stress and creates positive

change in your mind.

Help to Manage Anxiety

Stress causes anxiety. In fact, anxiety is a natural response to stress. When we

experience stress regularly, our body goes into fight or flight mode.

While experiencing anxiety sometimes is perfectly normal, experiencing it on a regular

basis creates emotional distress and disconnect from your mind.

Symptoms of Anxiety Include:

● Fast breathing

● Increase in heart rate

● Irritability and restlessness

● Focus and memory problems

● Sleep disorders

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Both genetics and environmental factors play a role in causing anxiety.

When feeling anxious, simply meditate for a few minutes and reduce your symptoms.

However, we recommend that you practice mindfulness meditation if you suffer from

anxiety. Mindfulness meditation requires you to simply be present in the moment and

take notice of your own thoughts without making any judgements.

When you do this regularly, you learn not to dive too deep into your thoughts and stop

to suffer in your mind.

Shift to a Positive Mindset

Both stress and anxiety are related to your thought process. People high in emotional

intelligence have a positive mindset, which helps them in living fulfilled lives.

Negative thoughts create stress and anxiety, both of which are antagonistic towards

focus and calmness.

Visualization, a form of meditation in which you force yourself to imagine the type of

person you want to become and the process of achieving your goals, can create change

at a subconscious level.

With positive change in your life and a better ability to focus, you can achieve your goals

and stay happy.

Helps with Chronic Pain

In contrast to normal forms of meditation bowl that reduce stress and anxiety, hypnosis works

best for chronic pain.

Hypnosis teaches your mind to disassociate from the pain, destroying the neuronal

connections that exacerbate pain. Essential, when you stop focusing on the pain, you’re

able to deal with it easily and more effectively while enjoying your life.


You can start to take charge of your life today. By practicing meditation regularly, you

can build up your focus and reduce stress. Including a singing bowl in your meditation

sessions will make them more engaging and fun.


Q. Which type of meditation should I practice for anxiety?

A. You should practice mindfulness meditation if you suffer from anxiety. Mindfulness

will teach you how to not judge your thoughts and simply take note of them.

Q. Can meditation improve my ability to focus?

A. Yes. Most often we let our mind be consumed by thoughts, which distract us from our

work. Meditation requires that you don’t focus on these thoughts and focus. Overtime,

your ability to focus improves.

Q. I follow a guided meditation session. Can I use a Tibetan singing bowl for it?

A. A singing bowl can be used to guided meditation, but you’ll have to make sure that

the session does not have background music.

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